Building the Core Competencies of Change book cover

Building the Core Competencies of Change

A Guide To Coaching In Organizations

This book provides an understanding of the basic difficulties change presents for all of us and shows how coaching can help us overcome obstacles and catalyze forward momentum. It is a book to help leaders of organizations engender the power of change in their people, and therefore their organizations, through coaching.

In these pages, you will find a resource of coaching definitions, tools, processes, and case studies to inform executives, talent management professionals, and coaches in a strategic approach to applying coaching. Stewart outlines frameworks to understand the diverse ways coaching can be deployed, then the specific processes necessary to build successful coaching programs that leverage human potential to achieve strategic objectives.

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Core Competencies of Change: A Guide to Coaching in Organizations

In this chapter, you will discover the power and potential coaching can unlock and learn how it has evolved. This chapter also explores how the core competencies of change are created by coaching.

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“Whether you are an executive looking to create an organization ready to respond to the complex, changing world, a coaching program manager trying to establish a coaching program that supports your organization’s strategy, or a coach who wants to make sure your work with leaders has maximum impact on their organization, this book is for you. Full of concrete, practical tools and mindsets, Building the Core Competencies for Change speaks to the future of coaching as an important enabler for organizational and societal change.”

– Bill Pullen

MCC, Academic Director, Institute for Transformational Leadership, Georgetown University